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 Canine Emergency Response ButtonTM

How It Works

Your dog simply presses the
K-9 Emergency Response Button TM
with their nose or paw.
The automatic dialer will then . . .

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Into Your Home

Unsteady on your feet, or living alone, the fear, and the chance of falling are very real because . . .

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Will It Work For Me?

Any dog can be trained to use the
K-9 Emergency Response Button TM.
If you lose consciousness, you . . .

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Key Features

        * Any dog or cat can be trained to, or a child can "push" the button

        * Dials up to 5 numbers of your choice (neighbor, family, friend, or 911)

        * Ignores answering machines/voice mail (hangs up & calls next number)

        * Allows two-way communication (answering party presses *)

        * No monthly subscription necessary (saves about $323.88 / year)

        * Includes water-proof pendant (for bathroom mishaps)

        * Easy Training (DVD, Target Tape, & Clicker are included)

        * Includes rechargeable battery (in case of power failure)

Components of the
Canine Emergency Response ButtonTM

1) The CareAlert Dialer
CareAlert Smart Dialer

Comes with a water-proof pendant

2) C. E. R. B.TM

Actual color of button is blue

3) Your Trained Dog

Any breed or size (they just push the button)

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