Canine Emergency Response ButtonTM

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How It Works

carealert 150x150 The dialer is activated by your trained dog (using their nose or paw), a child, or grand-child, by simply pressing the blue button on the Canine Emergency Response Button TM, or by the (included) CareAlert water-proof pendant.

Once activated, the automatic dialer will dial up to five pre-programmed numbers (we recommend one of them be 911).

Upon detecting a "valid" (not an answering machine or voicemail) answer, your pre-recorded message will be played.

The Care Alert Smart Dialer has been on the market for many years now. It is the ideal product to partner with our Canine Emergency Response ButtonTM.

Into Your Home

home 150x150

Unsteady on your feet, or living alone, the fear, and the chance of falling are very real because this is one of the reason that many people move into assisted living. The goal of the Canine Emergency Response Button TM is to allow you to feel more comfortable and safe at home.
With your faithful companion, and a little training, you will have peace of mind.

The dialer set up is easy and it plugs right into your regular landline.
It is designed to use your phone for the initial programming, and thereafter, for everyday regular use.

Will It Work For Me?

pet 150x150

Any dog can be trained to use the Canine Emergency Response Button TM.

Your pet can be trained, but you will need patience and follow the training instructions.
The training concept used is "target training" and "shaping".

If you are unfamiliar with dog training or unsure, then please contact a local dog trainer or find one at Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Dog Trainer Search.

F.A.Q. s

We have tried to anticipate your questions,
yet you may have a question that is not answered here.
If so, please feel free to contact us here.

1) What countries to you ship to?

We currently only ship to: United States of America, Canada, Austrailia, and New Zealand.
This is due to the current availability of the CareAlert Smart Dialer in the previous countries.

2) Can I cancel my order?

We cannot give refunds until payment has been received AND we have not shipped your order.
3) Can I change my shipping address?

When you are checking out your order, the shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to amend it if you need to.
If you contact us, AND we have not shipped your order, we will be happy to change the shipping address.

4) How will you ship my order?

We ship using the United States Postal Service (USPS), Unitied Parcel Service (UPS), and Federal Express (FedEx), depending on the least expensive. We do this to offer you the lowest shipping price.
5) Will you give me a tracking number?

We will include a tracking number on all shipments to customers in the United States. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service outside of the US.
6) Who is responsible for customs, export and import fees?

The customer is solely responsible for all, if any, customs, export and import fees.
7) What if my order arrives damaged?

We inspect our product for both damage and that it functions properly prior to shipping. We also do our best to package your item to reduce the chance of damage while being shipped. Please inspect the package upon arrival and if damaged contact the shipper as soon as possible. If you discover that the product is damaged after opening the packaging you should contact the shipper as soon as possible.
8) Do you offer a guarantee or warranty on your product?

The Dialer and associated devices that are not our product are covered by the provider of said dialer or associated device.
Due to our product's constuction, base material, and that you will be training your dog to "touch" the product. However, we may choose to replace the product at our discretion. In no case will the purchase price be refunded.

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