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Combo Package = $460.00 USD

carealert 150x150

We are pleased to offer a combination package that will include all the components necessary -
1. CareAlert Smart Dialer
(no monthly monitoring - a savings of $312.00/year)
2. CareAlert water-proof pendant (at no additional cost)
3. Our Canine Emergency Response Button.
4. Cobra PhoneLynx Bluetooth Cell to Home Phone Connection System
5. Training DVD
6. Training Clicker
7. Blue Training Tape
8. All with FREE SHIPPING!

CareAlert Smart Dialer = $269.00 USD

carealert 150x150

This includes the Smart Dialer and the water-proof pendant.
We could attempt to describe this device as thoroughly and accurately as CareAlert does themselves, however, we prefer to let them do so.
We do wish to point out that the CareAlert Smart Dialer does NOT require a monthly monitoring fee as many other devices do.

You can see how it works by clicking here external link

Canine Emergency Response ButtonTM = $150.00 USD

We have spent almost two years with the research, design, development, manufacture, and marketing for the Canine Emergency Response Button TM
This process is quite taxing and expensive to say the least and financing was challenging. Yet, we prevailed and have a proven finished product available to you, in hopes that it serves you well and brings with it a calm peace knowing that help will come with the assistance of your trained dog.


Cobra PhoneLynx Bluetooth Cell to Home Phone Connection System (Model#=BT 215)

Cobra 150x150  
($41.00 at this time)

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